The Cadi Outwitted


by Christoph Willibald Gluck


Monday, June 27, 2016 at 5:00PM



Marc A. Scorca Hall
330 Seventh Avenue, 7th floor
New York City





The Cadi Outwitted is Gluck's Le Kadi dupe in an English version. A Kadi is a Moslem judge with biggish powers. This example, tired of his wife Fatime, plans to divorce her and marry the young Zelmire. Though he has never set eyes on her, he has heard of her beauty (in the Kadi's world decision are based less on personal experience than on hearsay). Zelmire declines the offer. To revenge himself the Kadi now decides to marry her off to Nuradin, whom he wrongly believes to be impoverished. In reality, Nuradin is Zelmire's lover. Seeking revenge in her turn, Zelmire arranges for the Kadi to plight himself to Omega, daughter of the dyer Omar. Reputedly beautiful, Omega is ugly and misshapen. When he sees her the Kadi, humiliated, sees no alternative but to return to Fatime.